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First and foremost, RV Wireless does the best RV Park Wifi anywhere. And we do the parks the other guys say can't be done.

Whether you do a full install with us present in the park, or decide to use one of our convenient and easy to install kits, you'll be getting the highest quality mesh network with the leading edge technology, and your park will be ready to go into the future with a wifi system to be proud of.

When you put Wifi in your park, you should expect great coverage, great support, a fair price, no hassles, and the best, most modern equipment. But more than that, you should expect that your Wifi company offers the best advice and the best consulting to keep you ahead of the game.

We do just that.

Unlike other companies out there, that make their business based on how much they can charge you each month, we work for giving you the absolute best Wifi system available. We don't do things like the other guy.

What makes us different?

1. You own and control your own system. We don't try to take control or charge you endless backend fees and monthly charges. We don't set you up with a system that keeps you needing us.

2. We install a full mesh network, with system configuration and monitoring available easily and simply from anywhere you have an internet connection, including your smart phone. You have full access to all configuration details and options. We don't just put up routers and hope they talk to each other.

3. Our system is highly modular. This means you can add routers on the fly and they will automatically fit themselves into your network and you don't even need us there once your base network is up and running. In other words, as true consultants, we make it so you don't need us to do every little change, and can handle your own internet easily. Because we know you're in the business of selling RV sites for your guests, not being an internet provider.

4. We offer much more than JUST Wifi installation. We can take care of most of your computer needs while we're there, and help you with your web presence, advertising and promotion, and even configure your office network. We are you Full Service Internet Consultant. (See our page of other services)

5. Our prices are in the real world realm where you can afford a truly nice system. Our normal price for a mesh router installed with antenna and wires is usually less than the cost of their router, in the box by itself.