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RV Wireless is a family owned and operated company. We take the time and give personal attention to each and every park we work with. We're one of the few providers who offer internet for those who can't get Cable or DSL, and it isn't satellite. So if they told you no, call us, we can probably make it happen.

We can provide you with a kit that has everything you need for your wifi system, or we can come to you, stay a few days and fully assess your wifi and anything else you're interested in and then we'll be there for you for as long as it takes to get your system up and running.

Our philosophy is that you didn't get into the RV Park and camping industry to spend all your time worrying about internet issues. In general, we also believe you should own your wifi system and it should be free to guests. Since any other park down the road offering free wifi, will take customers from you if you charge for it, making your wifi much less valuable to you.

You don't charge to play cards in the rec hall, or to use the pool if you have one, or to watch the Big Screen you had installed for guests. Why would charge separately for wifi?

(In general the main reason is because your wifi company wants to make money from you for years to come with no real work. So they take half of the profits, and they don't care that it isn't *nearly* as good a selling point for your park.)

One thing we promise you at RV Wireless is a fair shake. We help you put together the system and internet that is best for you. That's what we consider our best product, our ability to guide you through the maze of technology with Honest, Helpful advice and expertise.

Why not contact us today, and see how we can help you?